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We are proud of our client relationships and are proud to share the observations of those who know us best and what it’s like to work with and use our products.

Care Home Software
Care Home Software
Lakeview Rest Homes

"Fusion training for the Moorings Rest Home in St Annes on Sea team with the fantastic Dave Healey of Fusion Software. This chap ( Dave Healey) makes learning a painless, fun and productive experience"
Care Home Software
Baron Park Care

"Fusion & Fusion Care has created some much needed order to our payroll system and appears to have consolidated our costs. With the ability to implement parts or all of the system we have been able to utilise as much or as little as we desire. The flexibility for arranging individual work arrangements really suits an ever changing care environment. It has really assisted us as an independent care provider." - Sean Warren
Care Home Software
Winnie Care

"Further to our recent dealings with you since taking over from our previous software service provider, may we formally thank you for all aspects of excellent service.
You have been very easy to deal with, and very professional from day one. Your staff are a credit to you, and their knowledge and approach very refreshing and supportive in a very difficult industry at the moment.
We've had recent update training, and our staff at our care homes were positively glowing afterwards with praise for this. The training was relevant, and really really helped them in their day to day management and administration tasks.
As a company I would recommend you to any other interested party in the care industry (or other if relevant). You listen, you work with us, and you resolve any issues in the most supportive manner, with a minimum of fuss or concern to anyone.
We are very happy to have found you, and would like to thank all staff we've been in contact with as it really was a pleasure dealing with you.
We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship together." - Gary Chisholm,
Care Home Software
Care Home Software
Craig Healthcare

"I have used other software in the past to maintain records and found many flaws, and difficulty tailoring it for our service. When I took over this new home we did more research into what was on offer in the market to ensure we were getting the best possible product available. Fusion has provided us with everything we require to achieve accurate records for both clients and staff. The Director and I can access reports anywhere at any time. The manager has found the software invaluable to her day to day running of the home. The Operational Manager is able to monitor training requirements without having to be on the premises and inform the manager who needs to attend sessions. She also does the payroll using the clocking in procedure which is now linked to our SAGE system.
However, the software can be excellent but if the backup service is not good which was my experience with the previous company it can cause enormous problems. The aftercare service I have received from Fusion has been second to none. We are always looking at ways in which to improve our efficiency and Fusion have worked with us to do this especially David Healey Project Manager nothing is a problem to him, I almost feel they have become an extension of our company. Their friendly no problem attitude makes it so much easier to approach them and nothing is too much trouble for them. I cannot recommend Fusion highly enough if you are considering putting a software package into your business I would recommend you ask for a demonstration and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am with what they have to offer"
- Linda Gallon
Care Home Software
Care Home Software
Madog Nursing Home Ltd

"Just wanted to say everyone very impressed with software. Stuart has been excellent, very patient and extremely knowledgeable
 Thanks" Andy Paynter - Director

Care Home Software
Care Home Software
Key Healthcare

"Key Healthcare has used Fusion and Zest since its concept in 2010. 
During this time we have found the training straightforward and from a customer standpoint the service and support is pro-active and the development of the software package has great benefits to Key Healthcare.
Having software in the cloud and online makes it accessible from almost anywhere, so as a Care Home Operator, it is a valuable performance reporting tool.

 Thanks" Richard Keyes - Owner/Director

Care Home Software

would just like to give feedback on the recent training we received that was delivered by Ben.
The information was informative
It was relayed in a simplified term
He delivered in a very relaxed way
His training technique was one that receptive to both staff and himself
I won’t lie training can be a boring scenario one we have to do as part of ongoing progress but when we find trainers that can deliver in such a way it makes it all the more pleasurable, I think you have a great trainer and one that deserves a pat on the back."

-Daniel Hart
 Senior Manager North East

Care Home Software
Lakeshore Healthcare LTD

"We changed our rota a bit once we got used to managing payroll with Fusion and implemented policies that we were unable to enforce without a time management system.

Now we rarely go overbudget and can better manage when the rota needs changing due to illness, etc.

It's far easier and we wouldn't be able to manage as well without Fusion."

Jeff Manning, Owner

Care Home Software
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