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Care Management Software, Fusion, Online Careplans, Care Home Software Care Software, Care home, Care, Management, Software, Ecareplan, Careplans, Residents, Body Map, Ecareplan
Staff Management
Resident/Service User Administration
Ecareplan - The future of care planning!
Business Analysis
Impoving Standards, Best Practice and Profitability by streamlining processes and procedures
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Care Management Software, Fusion, Online Careplans, Care Home Software Care Software, Care home, Care, Management, Software, Ecareplan, Careplans, Residents, Body Map, Ecareplan
Fusion Care solutions integrates a competitive edge into your caring business. With a combined experience of over 50 years in the care sector our goal is to develop innovative, efficient and user friendly products that significantly enhance your administration processes.

Our technological innovations relieve the ever increasing pressures and demands placed on the care sector to manage quality of care, compliance and budgets whilst running a profitable business.

We strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and place special emphasis on alliances with our clients. It is with thanks to our customers that Fusion products develop and grow, and this contribution will be a major factor in our ongoing success.
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All information safely stored in the Fusion cloud. Never lose another record ever again
Access information from anywhere
Fusion runs on smart phones and tablets
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  1. Staff
    Fusion delivers a comprehensive and intuitive staff management system in a secure and instantly accessible web based format to promote accountability consistency and informed staff management data.
  2. Time and Attendance
    Fusion provide clocking in machines that work with fingerprints, pin numbers or RFID tags. Gathered information feeds directly into Fusion which generates digital timesheets
  3. Staff analysis
    Fusion helps managers improve punctuality and accountability as it populates timesheets, verifies hours worked to shift and provides valuable absence and rota information to provide managers with real-time staffing information.
  4. Rotas
    Digitalise your rotas with Fusions easy to use Rota system. Quickly allocate shifts and visually see where you are under or over staffed.
  5. Residents
    Our comprehensive service user software is there to improve efficiency, providing full resident records to multi-contract invoicing and in-depth occupancy reporting to provide you with the information you need when you need it most
  6. E-careplans
    A unique care planning solution so intuitive it will rewrite the way in which you build, review and manage your care assessments. Complete workflow assessments and create personal care plans with ease.
  7. Invoicing and Payroll
    We know your primary focus is on providing and improving the best possible care whilst optimising business processes via affordable income management. Fusion allows you to keep on top of your invoicing and payroll.
  8. Reports Suite
    Fusion delivers performance management information simply and accurately by printable Excel and PDF and which is vital to ensure clear, immediate and actionable outcomes. Seeing your data in real-time helps you control it efficiently and improve decision making.
  9. Customer Service
    All our Fusion agents have been with us from day one and no matter how big or small your request we are always happy to help.
Care Management Software, Fusion, Online Careplans, Care Home Software Care Software, Care home, Care, Management, Software, Ecareplan, Careplans, Residents, Body Map, Ecareplan

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We also provide unrivalled Managed IT Services

Fusion are accredited partners to some of the largest IT service providers, working alongside the likes of Microsoft, ESET and ZEN.

From fully managed networks, supply of hardware to technical support, we have the expertise to ensure your business IT infracstruce is secure, maintained and fully functional.

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